Research group

Microphysics of clouds

Research Group Leader: prof. dr hab. Hanna Pawłowska

Atmospheric Physics Department

We investigate the microphysics and dynamics of convective clouds in a wide range of spatial and temporal scales: from the detailed microphysics of individual aerosol and cloud droplets (activation, growth by condensation, and collision-coalescence), to the motion of the whole cloud. To answer our research questions, we develop and apply a Lagrangian Cloud Model, where the cloud-scale flow computed by Large-Eddy Simulations is coupled with a Lagrangian description of the cloud-particle microphysics.

Numerical modeling software developed by our group:

libmpdata++ - library of solvers of the generalized transport equation

libcloudph++ - library for modeling cloud microphysics

UWLCM - LES model model based on libmpdata++ and libcoudph++

Research project

Field Experiment

dr Gustavo Abade
dr Piotr Dziekan
mgr Daniel Albuquerque
mgr inż. Piotr Żmijewski


prof. dr hab. Wojciech Grabowski - National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA
prof. dr Piotr Smolarkiewicz - European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast, Reading, UK
dr. Shin-ichiro Shima - University of Hyogo, Kobe, Japan

mgr Maciej Waruszewski
dr Sylwester Arabas
dr Anna Jaruga