Specialty: Geophysics
Second degree studies, the direction of Physics

Committee: dr Gustavo Abade

List of classes at the Institute of Geophysics in the winter semester 2023/24

The Institute of Geophysics is the only scientific and didactic unit in the country with many years of experience in the training of specialists in the field of atmospheric physics, earth physics, and planetary and environmental physics.

Within the Atmospheric Physics specialization, students learn about the physical fundamentals of weather and climate processes, the basics of dynamic meteorology, atmospheric thermodynamics, atmospheric radiation transfer, atmospheric turbulence applications, atmospheric measurement techniques, and basic numerical modelling of atmospheric processes. Students will gain knowledge and skills in atmospheric physics and modern meteorology at an international level.

Under the specialization of Earth Physics and Planetary Studies students will learn about the structure, evolution and processes taking place in the interior and on the surface of Earth and other bodies of the Solar System. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to conduct geophysical and geophysical measurements of the Earth and planets and the Earth's space, geophysical monitoring, computer simulations and comprehensive analysis and interpretation of measured results.

As part of the Environmental Physics specialization, students will become acquainted with the physical foundations and methods and tools for analyzing and describing processes and phenomena occurring in the natural environment, particularly processes and phenomena that describe the mechanics of liquids and gases. Students will gain knowledge and skills in theoretical analysis, mathematical and computer modelling, and elementary experiments in interdisciplinary research.

Graduates of Geophysics will be prepared to work in meteorological service, units dealing with atmospheric modelling and measurement, pollution transport, eg Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Institute of Environmental Protection, state and local government units dealing with monitoring and protection of the atmosphere and the environment, Companies preparing specialist meteorological and climate forecasts in commercial units conducting the search or exploitation of raw materials, eg in Geofizyka Toruń and the Geophysical Research Enterprise in Warsaw, mines with their seismic services, geophysical monitoring services (seismic, magnetic, Eg in the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Space Research Center of Polish Academy of Sciences, State Geological Institute.

Within each specialization, outstandingly talented students have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree program in extended scope and work in research groups on current issues. Thanks to that they will be prepared for independent research work, among others. To undertake the third degree with the intention of starting a career as a researcher or to work in institutions requiring knowledge of how to solve complex problems.