Atmospheric physics seminar

Coordinator: prof. dr hab. Hanna Pawłowska

The seminar is dedicated to presenting the latest developments in atmospheric physics, meteorology, climatology and oceanology. The thematic scope is broad and includes: atmospheric dynamics, microfiche and cloud dynamics, atmospheric aerosols, atmospheric radiation, weather and climate, numerical modeling of atmospheric processes.


Seminar in lithosphere and planetology physics

Coordinator: dr hab. Konrad Kossacki

Our seminars are dedicated to the physics of various objects of the Solar System. Theoretical and laboratory studies, as well as those carried out with the use of space probes, are presented.


Photonics Seminar

Coordinators: dr hab. Tomasz Antosiewicz, dr Tomasz Stefaniuk

Seminars cover a wide range of plazmonics problems (eg surface-to-surface and surface dispersion of plasmon-polarone waves in metal-dielectric nanostructures) and photonics (photonics and microstructure) and plazmonics in photovoltaics, sensors, and linear and nonlinear functional materials.


Vision science - seminar

Coordinator: dr hab. Jacek Pniewski

Getting to know the current trends in research directions in the field of optometry, eyeglass optics, ophthalmology, and biomedical optics.


Photonics Department - seminar

Coordinator: dr hab. Rafał Kasztelanic

The seminar is dedicated to presenting the latest developments in fibre optics, structured optics, micro-optics and optofluidics. It primarily covers topics such as all types of optical fibres and their applications, non-linear effects in optical fibres, gas- and liquid-filled optical fibres and imaging in medicine and biology.