Specialty: Photonics
Second degree studies, the direction of Physics

Committee: dr hab. Rafał Kotyński

The specialty of Photonics is aimed at training physicists in the fields of photonic crystals, diffractive optics and plasmonics with a balanced approach between theoretical and application oriented knowledge needed to understand the operation, and to design and conduct the modelling of photonic systems. Photonics, with its novel fields reliant on the photonic crystals, nanostructured materials and plasmonic structures will be increasingly used as a complementary or replacement approach to electronics. Its applications will go far beyond telecom, sensor and display devices.

Students of Photonics will aquire practical knowledge of photonic modeling and design techniques, knowledge of the construction and operation of optoelectronic components, measurement techniques and optical information processing techniques.

Photonics specialists will be prepared to work in scientific or R&D centers on optics, photonics, telecommunication, or material science (especially with regard to the electromagnetic properties of nanomaterials).

Highly-skilled Photonics students will have the opportunity to pursue a second-cycle program in extended scope and work in research groups on current issues. Thanks to that they will be prepared for independent research work, among others. To undertake a third degree with the intention of starting a career as a researcher or to work in institutions requiring knowledge of how to solve complex problems.