Modele radiacyjne

Radiative transfer models: wikipedia

Modtran4.0  Moderate Resolution Transmittance
Streamer Based on DISORT
Fu/Liou 2 and 4 stream radiative transfer solver
6S Simulation of the Satellite Signal in the Solar Spectrum
LBLRTM Line-by-line Radiative Transfer Model.
GENSPEC Line-by-line Radiative Transfer Model in matlab
Broadband model trans.m - very easy and fast model to calculate direct and diffuse flux at surface 
spectral model smodel.m - semi-empirical model, requires data file: spect.dat and airmass.m

 Aerosol optical properties 

HITRAN 2000 high-resolution transmission molecular absorption database
OPAC- GADS data base aerosol.m - spectral extintion, single scattring albedo and asymmetry parameter, requres data base file: aerosol.mat

aerfun.m - aerosol optical properties, requires aerosol.mat

Aerosol-Optical database new aerosol-optical database, see dissertation Appendix C   

matlab codes

date jd2day.m  -convert Julian Day to date

day2jd.m -convert data to Julian Day

sun position and constant sunpos.m  - solar elevation and azimuth angle 

sundist.m  - sun-Earth square distance ratio 

airmass.m - atmospheric path length

solar.mat - solar constant at TOA

planck.m - radiation of black body

molecular scattering rayleigh.m- molecular optical thickness based on Deschamps et al, 1983

rayleighAERONET.m - molecular optical thickness based on Bodhaine et al., 1999 (used in AERONET)

molec.m - molecular scatter and backscater coefficient 

scat_small.m - Qext, Qscat, Qabs, Qback for small spherical particles

mie scattering mie.m  - mie calculation of S1, S2, Qext, Qscat, Qabs, Qback (matlab independent version)

mie.mexglx - mie mex function for matlab 6.0 (linux), mie.dll for matlab 6.1 (windows), source mie.f

mie64.mexa64 mie mex function for matlab 2016 (linux), source mie64.f

coat.mexglx - coated sphere for matlab 6.0 (linux), coat.dll for matlab 6.2 (windows), source coat.f

coat64.mexa64 mie mex function for matlab 2016 (linux), source coat64.f

ADT.m -  anomalous diffraction aproximation

aerosol size distribution lognormal.m - log-normal distribution

gamma_size.m - gamma distribution

junge.m - Junge distribution 

surface albedo fresnel.m - Fresnel refraction  

indwat.m - water extinction and refraction index

windalb.m - water refraction det to white caps

sun glint.m - sun glint BRDF 

no2 opt_no2.m - no2 optical thickness, requires: NO2.dat file
ozone opt_ozon.m - ozone optical thickness, requires: ozon.dat file

mi_oz.m - ozone path length

refrative index of aerosol maxwell_garnet.m - Maxwell - Garnet relation for internal mixture refractive index

ref_water.m refractive index of water, requires: refwater.dat

ref_ice.m refractive index of ice, reguires: IOP_2007_ASCIItable.dat

ref_insoluble.m - refractive index of water insoluble part of aerosols, reguires: refinsoluble.dat

ref_soluble.m - refractive index of water soluble part of aerosols, reguires: refsoluble.dat

ref_soot.m - refractive index of soot

ref_seasalt.m - refrative index of sea salt, reguires: refseasalt.dat

ref_dust.m - refrative index of dust, reguires: refdust.dat

ref_sulfate.m -refractive index of sulfate, reguires: refsulfate.dat

aerosol velocity fall_speed.m - terminal velocity