Modele radiacyjne

Radiative transfer models: wikipedia

This side includes MatLAB codes to solve radiative transfer problem and to compute optical properties of aerosol and atmospheric gasses.

Thermal Schwarzschild's   
Gray approximation  
Single scattering approx. RTsingle,m and files from this directory:
Sucessive order RTsucc.m RTsuccFlux.m and files from this directory:
Monte Carlo mc3d.m and files from this directory
Polarization single scat. RTpolar.m and files from this directory
Two stream two_delta.m two_stream.m and files from this directory
Broadband model trans.m - fast snd simple model to calculate direct and diffuse flux at surface 
spectral model smodel.m - semi-empirical model, requires data file: spect.dat and airmass.m
Modtran Moderate Resolution Transmittance, MatLAB interface
Streamer Based on DISORT
Fu/Liou 2 and 4 stream radiative transfer solver
6S Simulation of the Satellite Signal in the Solar Spectrum
LBLRTM Line-by-line Radiative Transfer Model.

 Aerosol and molucular optical properties 

HITRAN High-resolution transmission molecular absorption database
OPAC- GADS data base aerosol.m - spectral extintion, single scattring albedo and asymmetry parameter, requres data base file: aerosol.mat

aerfun.m - aerosol optical properties, requires aerosol.mat

Aerosol-Optical database new aerosol-optical database, see dissertation Appendix C   

matlab codes

date jd2day.m  -convert Julian Day to date

day2jd.m -convert data to Julian Day

sun position and constant sunpos.m  - solar elevation and azimuth angle 

sundist.m  - sun-Earth square distance ratio 

airmass.m - atmospheric path length

solar.mat - solar constant at TOA

planck.m - radiation of black body

molecular scattering rayleigh.m- molecular optical thickness based on Deschamps et al, 1983

rayleighAERONET.m - molecular optical thickness based on Bodhaine et al., 1999 (used in AERONET)

molec.m - molecular scatter and backscater coefficient 

scat_small.m - Qext, Qscat, Qabs, Qback for small spherical particles

mie scattering mie.m  - mie calculation of S1, S2, Qext, Qscat, Qabs, Qback (matlab independent version)

mie.mexglx - mie mex function for matlab 6.0 (linux), mie.dll for matlab 6.1 (windows), source mie.f

mie64.mexa64 mie mex function for matlab 2016 (linux), source mie64.f

coat.mexglx - coated sphere for matlab 6.0 (linux), coat.dll for matlab 6.2 (windows), source coat.f

coat64.mexa64 mie mex function for matlab 2016 (linux), source coat64.f

ADT.m -  anomalous diffraction aproximation

aerosol size distribution lognormal.m - log-normal distribution

gamma_size.m - gamma distribution

junge.m - Junge distribution 

surface albedo fresnel.m - Fresnel refraction  

indwat.m - water extinction and refraction index

windalb.m - water refraction det to white caps

sun glint.m - sun glint BRDF 

no2 opt_no2.m - no2 optical thickness, requires: NO2.dat file
ozone opt_ozon.m - ozone optical thickness, requires: ozon.dat file

mi_oz.m - ozone path length

refrative index of aerosol maxwell_garnet.m - Maxwell - Garnet relation for internal mixture refractive index

ref_water.m refractive index of water, requires: refwater.dat

ref_ice.m refractive index of ice, reguires: IOP_2007_ASCIItable.dat

ref_insoluble.m - refractive index of water insoluble part of aerosols, reguires: refinsoluble.dat

ref_soluble.m - refractive index of water soluble part of aerosols, reguires: refsoluble.dat

ref_soot.m - refractive index of soot

ref_seasalt.m - refrative index of sea salt, reguires: refseasalt.dat

ref_dust.m - refrative index of dust, reguires: refdust.dat

ref_sulfate.m -refractive index of sulfate, reguires: refsulfate.dat

aerosol velocity fall_speed.m - terminal velocity