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Atmospheric aerosol

Research Group Leaders: dr hab. Krzysztof Markowicz, dr hab. Iwona S. Stachlewska

Atmospheric Physics Department

Within the Aerosol Group activities we conduct research on the direct impact of atmospheric aerosol on the climate system based on the observations and modeling of the short- and long-wave radiation transfer in the atmosphere. We study optical and microphysical properties of aloft aerosol based on in-situ measurements, active and passive remote sensing and numerical simulations. We develop measurement techniques and data processing methods, for remote probing of the lower troposphere using tethered drones, balloons and modern lidar technology. We conduct experimental research in Warsaw at Radiative Transfer Lab (RT-Lab) and Remote Sensing Lab (RS-Lab), at a national level as a co-founder of the Poland-AOD research network, as well as abroad within the AERONET and the EARLINET networks. We have a large record of collaborative work within various international cooperations in Europe and Noth America and Arctic.

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dr Olga Zawadzka-Mańko
mgr Łucja Janicka
mgr Dominika Szczepanik
mgr Dongxiang Wang


Karolina Borek, Alexandros Louridas, Eleni Tetoni, Patryk Poczta

mgr Justyna Lisok
Michał Chiliński
mgr Dorota Gutowska