Strategy for Multidimensional Peatland Ecosystem Analysis in the Context of the Atmospheric Properties

Harenda K.M., Poczta P., Szczepanik D., Wang D., Stachlewska I.S. and Chojnicki B.H.

ITM Web of Conferences

23, 2018, 00014, 10.1051/itmconf/20182300014

<p style="text-align: justify;">There is the need of integration of atmospheric and ecosystem research in order to assess the habitats reaction in the future since the recent climate changes. Peatlands due to their vulnerability are important ecosystems since their strong interaction with the climate system. In stable climatic conditions, they are atmospheric carbon sinks. The study of the atmosphere properties in the context of peatlands productivity requires the application of the multidimensional strategy of field measurements. These kind of measurements are conducted using the following sensors: sun photometer, cloud radar, Raman lidar and eddy covariance (EC) system. They are located and operated at the Rzecin peatland in the framework of the POLIMOS project. So far, aerosols presence in the air was found as a factor that increases the peatland production. This presents the novel strategy of extensive atmospheric studies in order to identify the selected particles type impact on peatlands carbon uptake capabilities.</p>