ATMO ACCESS - Solutions for Sustainable Access to Atmospheric Research Facilities

European Commission, HORIZON 2020

Project type: Research project

Affiliation: Institute of Geophysics, Atmospheric Physics Department

Project realisation: April 1, 2021 - April 1, 2025

dr hab. Iwona S. Stachlewska Coordinator on the University of Warsaw
mgr Łucja Janicka Principal investigator
mgr Dominika Szczepanik Principal investigator
dr inż. Wojciech Kumala Investigator
prof. dr hab. Szymon P. Malinowski Co-investigator
dr hab. Krzysztof Markowicz Co-investigator
dr Olga Zawadzka-Mańko Co-investigator

Coordinated by CNRS, France project entitled "Sustainable Access Provision to Distributed Atmospheric Research Infrastructures" (ATMO-ACCESS) of joined forces in ACTRIS (including EUROCHAMP) and INGOS/ICOS, and expertise from other RIs (including IAGOS) with the overall objective to define modalities for sustainable provision of access in atmospheric research infrastructures. The project is a pilot that will propose the most suited modalities by which access provision to RI platforms could be granted in future EU programs in Horizon-Europe, adressing organisation of ACCESS (Physical, Remote, Virtual) in distributed RIs and using the provision of TNA as benchmarking. The starting point in ATMO-ACCESS is clearly the work on access done as part of ENVRI-PLUS and ACTRIS PPP. Thus it is not a classical INFRAIA project, but a pilot dedicated to preparing future calls.