Radiation Transfer Laboratory/ dr hab. Krzysztof Markowicz

Radiation Transfer Laboratory/ dr hab. Krzysztof Markowicz
Organization unit: IGF, ZFA
Status: available
Localisation: ul. Pasteura 5,
Manager Krzysztof Markowicz
Serviceman Wojciech Kumala

In the Radiation Transfer Laboratory (LTR) we conduct measurements of optical and microphysical properties of atmospheric aerosols and clouds, as well as components of radiation fluxes and sensible and latent heat fluxes at the Earth's surface. The LTR measurements are carried out using in-situ and remote sensing techniques. The main part of the LTR is located on the measuring platform on the roof of the building of the Faculty of Physics, where optical instruments, a weather station and an air inlet for measuring aerosol optical and microphysical properties are located. The LTR is equipped with a setup for calibration of solar radiometers.
Most of the LTR measurements are carried out continuously. In a few cases manual measurements are performed, including a solar photometer, portable net radiometer and hand-held spectrometer. Some LTR measuring instruments are installed at the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot and at the SolarAOT radiation transfer station in Strzyżów in the Podkarpacie region. The part of the LRT is a mobile laboratory, which is equipped with devices for in-situ measuring of the aerosol optical properties.. In addition, it is possible to install a portable lidar or ceilometer in the mobile lab.

The results of LTR measurements are visualized on the page:

The description of the database can be found here:


The LTR includes a measuring platform on the roof of the building, mobile laboratory and laboratory rooms (B4.55 and B4.57).

List of LTR equipment:

- automatic weather station WXT510
- Young 81000 ultrasonic anemometer
- radiometers: pyranometers (CM21 CM22), pyrgeometer (CGR3),
- sun tracker STR22,
- Microtops solar photometer
- MFR-7 ShadowBand solar radiometer
- PAX532 photoacoustic device
- PAX870 photoacoustic device
- AE-51 micro aethalometers
- OPC-N2 particle counters
- ceilometer CHM-15K
- prototype micro-pulse lidar
- Aurora 4000 nephelometer- aethelometr AE31
- a set for receiving satellite data from an MSG satellite
- radiosounde receiver.

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