Research group

Cloud dynamics and atmospheric turbulence

Research Group Leader: prof. dr hab. Szymon P. Malinowski

Atmospheric Physics Department

We study the dynamics of clouds in the full range of scales from the movement of individual droplets to flows in scale of clouds and cloud systems. We focus on the phenomenon of turbulence and (direct and indirect) influence of small- and moderate- scale turbulence in clouds and surrounding atmosphere on larger scale flows like weather patterns and even general circulation.

One of our experimental achievements is the Ultra Fast Thermometer, airborne sensor to measure temperature in clouds. The instrument is in constant development since early nineties. With recent versions we are able to measure temperature in clouds with 5 mm resolution.


Ultra Fast Thermometer UFT-M mounted on CIRPAS Twin Otter in the course of POST research campaign
Monterey, California, July 2008.



Example mumerical simulatoin:

None   This animation (click on the thumbnail) shows the amount of liquid water (cloud condensate) in a simulation of the stratocumulus-topped boundary layer. The simulation is based on measurements from the DYCOMS-II field campaign, and the animation is showing vertical cross sections through the computational domain.   By Jesper Pedersen

Research project

Field Experiment

dr Dariusz Baranowski
dr Jesper G. Pedersen
dr Yongfeng Ma
mgr Anna Górska
mgr Marta Kopeć
mgr Jacek Kopeć