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Dongxiang Wang  
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Instytut Geofizyki
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(1) September 2017- currently, University of Warsaw, Poland (Ph.D.)

(2) September 2013-June 2016, Ocean University of China, China (MSc),           

(3) September 2011-June 2013, XingTai University, China (BSc),  




Prace badawczo-naukowe

January 2019-currently,responsible for Preludium project: combined lidar-radar technique for studies of aerosol-cloud interaction in troposphere.  

September 2017-currently,participation in the ESA funded project: Technical Assistance for Polish  Radar and Lidar Mobile Observation System (POLIMOS).  

August 2013-March 2016,performed routine atmospheric observation in Qingdao. 

July 2014-September 2014,participated in the Tibet Autonomous Region the 3rd Tibetan Plateau atmospheric expedition experiment campaign. 

April 2014-May 2014,participated in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Oceanography comprehensive scientific expedition.


Promotor prac doktorskich

Iwona Stachlewska


Udział w konferencjach, zjazdach, szkołach, kursach

May 22-25, 2018, the 19th International Symposium for the Advancement of Boundary-Layer Remote Sensing (ISARS), oral presentation (Cologne, Germany)

Dongxiang Wang., Iwona S. Stachlewska., Xiaoquan Song., Birgit Heese.: The variability of boundary layer evolution over an urban continental site based on ten years of remote sensing observations in Warsaw, Poland.



July 3-5, 2018, the 1st European Lidar Conference (ELC), poster presentation. (Thessaloniki, Greece)


Dongxiang Wang., Iwona S. Stachlewska., Xiaoquan Song., Birgit Heese.: Seasonal changes in diurnal boundary layer cycle over Warsaw.



March 12-14, 2019, the POLIMOS Workshop, poster presentation. (Poznan, Poland)


Dongxiang Wang., Kamila Harenda., Patryk Poczta., Julien Delanoe., Iwona S. Stachlewska.: Preliminary analysis of ground-based lidar and cloud lidar observation at Rzecin peatland - a case study.



April 1-3, 2019, final ACTRIS Workshop 2019, poster presentation. (Darmstadt, Germany)


Dongxiang Wang., Dominika Szczepanik., Iwona S. Stachlewska.: Interrelations between surface, boundary layer and columnar aerosol properties over a continental urban site.



June 24-28, 2019, the 29th International Laser Radar Conference (ILRC29). oral presentation. (Hefei, China). Dongxiang Wang and Iwona S. Stachlewska: Stratospheric smoke properties based on lidar observations in August 2017 over Warsaw.




Research assistant at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw in the frame of the ESA funded project POLIMOS.


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