Open lecture

Colloquium: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021

prof. Jacek Piskozub, Instytut Oceanologii PAN, Sopot

prof. Piotr Szymczak, Wydział Fizyki UW


Oct. 18, 2021, 4:30 p.m., ul. Pasteura 5

We cordially invite everyone to the Jerzy Pniewski and Leopold Infeld Colloquium of the Faculty of Physics. We are looking forward to lectures covering a broad range of aspects of theoretical and experimental physics and related fields, awaiting us this year. This semester the Colloquium will be held in a traditional, stationary form (at least in cases when it is possible).

The first Colloquium this academic year will be held on Monday, October the 18th, at 4.30 pm in room 0.03. It will be devoted to this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, which was awarded to Prof. Syukuro Manabe (Princeton University) and Prof. Klaus Hasselmann (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology) "for physical modelling of the Earth's climate, quantification of its variability and reliable prediction of global warming" and to Prof. Giorgio Parisi (University of Rome "La Sapienza") "for the discovery of the interaction of disorder and fluctuation in physical systems from the atomic to the planetary scale".

Our guests this Monday will be:

  • prof. Jacek Piskozub (Instytut Oceanologii PAN, Sopot)
  • prof. Piotr Szymczak (Wydział Fizyki UW)

Lecture abstracts will be made available at a later date. Join us for coffee, cakes and informal discussions from 4 pm. 

We are open to all your feedback.

With best regards,

Barbara Badełek

Jan Chwedeńczuk

Jan Kalinowski

Jan Suffczyński

Colloquium 18.10.2021 - Poster

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