Środowiskowe seminarium fizyki atmosfery

Radiative transfer modelling with real data measured from drone vertical profiling

mgr Michał Chiliński

Instytut Geofizyki, Wydział Fizyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski


23 listopada 2018 13:15, ul. Pasteura 5, B0.14

Group of professor Markowicz uses drones for collecting vertical profiles of black carbon concentration and absorption coefficient since late 2014. For the last four years over 200 flights were conducted, what resulted in improvements of measurement protocols and data processing. In case of collocation with LIDAR measurements, which delivers extinction coefficient profiles, it is possible to retrieve vertical profiles of single scattering albedo (SSA).     

Vertical profiles of SSA together with profiles of temperature, pressure and relative humidity (measured from a drone too) could be used as a direct input for Radiative Transfer Models. For modelling in this case libRadtran library/suite was selected, which is prepared for use with different numeric solvers. Thanks to a very convenient configuration process it was possible to prepare intuitive work flow for processing data from measurements.     

In the talk whole process of modelling will presented - from acquiring of data during measurements, through configuration of model to results from selected cases. Due to limitations of the drone flight altitude (<1.5km) for simulation of SSA vertical profiles influence on radiative transfer in the whole troposphere synthetic data was used. Importance of absorption coefficient vertical profiles will be presented on pre-defined profiles for the whole troposphere.