Środowiskowe seminarium fizyki atmosfery

Chasing marine convective clouds in subtropics: the EUREC4A/ATOMIC research campaign

prof. dr hab. Szymon Malinowski

Instytut Geofizyki Wydział Fizyki Uniwersytet Warszawski


23 października 2020 13:15, on-line via ZOOM

In January and February 2020 a big international research campaign EUREC4A/Atomic took place in subtropical Atlantic, West and South of Caribbean Barbados island. It was a big international effort involving almost 3 thousands of scientists from Europe and the Americas. Measurement platforms included 4 research vessels, 5 aircraft, multiple marine and atmospheric drones as well as sophisticated remote sensing by radars, lidars and satellites. The main goal was to improve our understanding of moist convection in subtropics by investigation air-sea interactions (including diurnal cycle) and mesoscale organization of convective cloud ensembles.

During the seminar, I will sketch the measurement strategy, describe the organization of the campaign and explain the role of the Polish team from the University of Warsaw and the Polish Academy of Sciences. I will briefly summarize the collected data and present interesting examples of preliminary results obtained by our team.

To join the seminar please click https://zoom.us/j/93430809251?pwd=T2NORXBpMy8yT0c1aTF2YXcxTFNUUT09 
Meeting ID: 324 296 7290
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