Master of Science Dissartation

Comparison of keratometric measurement results using two corneal topographs: L80 Wave+ aberrometer and Keratograph 5M topograph in people with normal eye surface



Supervising institution:


Katarzyna Łyjak

dr hab. Jacek Pniewski

Wydział Fizyki UW


In the introduction, the structure and parameters of the cornea are described. The role of it in the total optical power of the eye and the importance of the tear film covering it in maintaining the normal surface of the eye was explained. Subsequently, methods of examining the surface of the cornea were discussed and a literature review was presented, the authors of which conducted similar research and shared their results. Then, the research methods used were described, taking into account the detailed characteristics of the devices: the L80 Wave+ aberrometer and the Keratograph 5M topograph. Finally, a comparative analysis of the results obtained by the two above-mentioned topographers was performed.