Bachelor thesis

Application of adaptive optics in eye imaging



Supervising institution:


Marta Lewandowska

dr hab. Jacek Pniewski

Wydział Fizyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski


In recent years there are more and more new technologies that support medicine - one of them is adaptive optics which allows to, among others, better visualization of blood vessels and photoreceptors of the eye fundus. Optical phenomena that hinder the imaging, short history of adaptive optics and its application in ophthalmology have been presented in the thesis. In the last part of the work, the image of the fundus was changed in the ImageJ2x program and a dozen or so areas on the retina were determined in which the number of cons was counted - manually and automatically. Analysis of the distribution and number of photoreceptors at the fundus can be a breakthrough in the detection of early retinal diseases, what will allow the introduction of appropriate diagnostics and treatment before changes that impair the quality of vision and thus life will appear.