Bachelor thesis

Ageing changes occuring in the eye structure. Dealing with presbyopia



Supervising institution:


Aleksandra Grzelak

dr Maciej Sokołowski

Wydział Fizyki


Presbyopia is not an illness nor a temporary condition. It is a natural consequence of the eyes' aging process and it applies to everyone over the age of 45. It manifests itself in difficulties with seeing clope-up objects for example - while reading. Changes made in the process of aging concern both segments of an eye. Over the years lens of the eye loses the ability to accommodate, it means the ability to adapt and to see over any distance. This process can not be avoided. However, this effect can be compensated for example by using progressive lenses, which give the ability to see in all planes – near and far and at the intermediate distances. Changes made in the process of involution relate ( apply) to each segment of an eye – similarly to the other organs tissues.