Photonic and Plasmonic Nanostructures Laboratory/ dr Piotr Wróbel, dr Tomasz Stefaniuk

Photonic and Plasmonic Nanostructures Laboratory/ dr Piotr Wróbel, dr Tomasz Stefaniuk
Organization unit: IGF, ZOI
Status: available
Localisation: ul. Pasteura 5, -1.32abc i -1.32d
Manager Piotr Wróbel
Manager Tomasz Stefaniuk

The Photonic and Plasmonic Nanostructures Laboratory (PPNL) researches in the field of production and characterization of planar plasmonic functional materials, including filters with controlled transmission and frequency response, broadband absorbers of electromagnetic radiation, superresolution plasmonic lenses and functional materials with controlled dispersion.

The PPNL infrastructure:

·        a station for the production of multilayer functional metallic and dielectric materials, the main element of which is a Lesker PVD-75 sputtering machine with an electron beam and an ion gun

·        a station for the characterization of morphological and material properties of manufactured nanostructures, consisting of the Zeiss Sigma electron microscope with SE, BSE, and In-Lens detectors and EDS elemental composition analysis; VECCO WYKO NT2200 non-contact optical profilometer, AFM scanning atomic force microscope (NT-MDT) and STM scanning tunneling microscope (NT-MDT),

·        a station for the characterization of linear optical properties, including white light diodes, spectrometer (Ocean Optics with CCD ruler), scanning near field microscope SNOM (NT-MDT), and an optical microscope (Olympus),

·        a station for interference lithography in the ultraviolet, enabling the recording of nanostructures with sub-100 nanometer resolution, which includes: femtosecond laser with a tunable parametric optical oscillator at a wavelength in the range of 195nm nm -16um, laser ablation system, spin coater, cutting plotter, muffle furnace, heating plate, laminar chamber, plasma etching device,

·        a station for testing metamaterials and three-dimensional nanostructures in the UV-VIS-LWIR range) consisting of a spectrometer equipped with a CCD camera, InGaAs cameras, multi-band optical spectrum analyzer, lock-in phase-sensitive amplifier for multi-channel peristaltic pump.

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