Proseminar Geophysics

dr Gustavo Abade

Rok akademicki: 2020/2021
Semestr: zimowy/letni



1. Scientific presentations:

  • M. Alley. The Craft of Scientific Presentations. Springer (2013).

2. Scientific writing:

  • M. Alley. The Craft of Scientific Writing. Springer (2018);
  • B. Gustavii. How to Write and Illustrate Scientific Papers. Cambridge Univ. Press (2008)
  • W. Zinsser. On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. HarperCollins (2006).


The final assessment will be based on a 20-minute talk on the subject chosen by the student.


Presentation schedule for summer semester 2021

May 12

M. Karasewicz - The influence of aerosols on the climate cooling effect

M. Zawadzki - Geophysical survey using magnetometer

May 19

H. Ciechowska - Application of geophysical methods in forensic investigation

P. Mishra

May 26

J. Chachulska - Application of Artificial Neural Network in Hydrology

W. Jarecka - Changes of soil resistivity after stabilization with clay (Application of ERT method in practice)

June 02

A. Kałucka



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