Bachelor thesis

Experimental examination of scotopic contrast sensitivity function



Supervising institution:


Oliwia Kaczkoś

Jacek Pniewski

Wydział Fizyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski


The aim of this study is to present contrast sensitivity as a function of spatial frequencies in scotopic conditions. The subject of this thesis is related to the processing of visual information with a particular focus on contrast perception. Contrast sensitivity measurement methods and application of contrast sensitivity tests for early diagnosis of visual system disorders, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration are described. To determine the contrast sensitivity curve, contrast sensitivity was measured for successive spatial frequencies using the Pelli-Robson chart. Examination was conducted under constant, scotopic conditions. Before starting the measurements all participants were dark-adapted. The obtained results of the study were presented on the graph. The average value of the contrast sensitivity for the successive spatial frequencies has determined the scotopic contrast sensitivity function.