Bachelor thesis

The use of multifocal and progressive lenses in non-presbyopic patients



Supervising institution:


Magdalena Tkaczuk

dr Maciej Sokołowski

Wydział Fizyki


This thesis presents the alternative way of using the multifocal and progressive lenses in optometry and ophthalmologic practice. It shows how they can be harnessed by non-presbyopic patients. The therapeutic methods including multifocal spectacle and contact lenses for binocular vision and accommodation disorders are described. Moreover, the application of intraocular multifocal lenses or use of progressive or bifocal spectacle lenses for children with pediatric cataract are discussed as well. What is more, this thesis presents the characteristic of relaxation lenses which are prescribed for people with visual fatigue. Furthermore, the possibility of using the multifocal contact and spectacle lenses and progressive spectacle lenses as a method for reducing myopia progression is also pointed out.