Bachelor thesis

Current methods of retinitis pigmentosa treatment. Review of retinal implants



Supervising institution:


Dominika Forbot

dr hab. Marek Kowalczyk-Hernandez

Wydział Fizyki


The dissertation presents a characterization of the Retinitis Pigmentosa. A course of the disease, methods of a diagnosis and methods of a treatment are fully described. As an inherited disease, the main areas of action include: a prevention of the disease’ progression, patients’ education and psychological counselling, new, still experimental but sophisticated methods of gene therapy and cell transplantations. Retinal implants, one of the most modern and advanced methods of restoring vision, are also widely presented. This is a multidisciplinary undertaking, demanding many improvements, but the effect of its action is stunning and very promising. Patients are able to distinguish shapes, perceive a movement, sometimes even recognize letters and read simple words. The role of optometrists at the stage of a diagnosis of the disease and vision therapy after implantation is explained.