Master of Science Dissartation

Impact of sublimation coefficient of H2O, depending on admixtures, on scarp recession in cometary environment



Supervising institution:


Aleksander Jasiak

dr hab. Konrad Kossacki

Wydział Geologii


Aim of the thesis is to describe effective determinants of scarp evolution in cometary environment. Scarp being analyzed is located in the Ash region, on the surface of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet. Variables, which has been analyzed as important to scarp behaviour in time are: material parameters, organic admixtures of H2O ice, and illumination conditions. During the experimental and calculation work, following conclusions has been drawn: amount of organic admixtures in ice is not determinatory to the scarp built by this ice; there is a strong corelation between the illumination and sublimative erosion of the surface; cometary landscape is prone to evolving into the vertical heterogeneity (terrain roughness).