Multi-procedure management in an eyeglasses-related open globe injury

Skopiński, P., Woronkowicz, M., Langwińska-Wośko, E., Korwin, M., Kołodziejczyk, W., Maria Ambroziak, A.

Wideochirurgia I Inne Techniki Małoinwazyjne

9 (1), 2014, 101-106, 10.5114/wiitm.2013.40104

We present a case of successful multi-procedure management of a patient with an open globe injury. A 47-year-old man sustained an injury to his left eye caused by glass fragments of his own spectacles shattered while he was protecting an unknown woman from physical assault at a bus stop. Over a span of 65 months the patient underwent multiple procedures including primary wound repair, penetrating keratoplasty combined with extracapsular cataract extraction, neodymium: YAG laser capsulotomy, and laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy (LASEK), and had a successfully treated episode of corneal graft rejection. This sequence of treatment substantially improved his left eye vision from hand movements at the time of admission to 0.9–0.5 × 90 at the last follow-up nearly 10 years after the trauma. Proper initial surgical management of an open globe injury can create the possibility for virtually complete vision restoration.