FDTD analysis of modal dispersive properties of nonlinear photonic crystal fibers

Karpisz, T., Salski, B. , Szumska, A., Klimczak, M., Buczynski, R.

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Scientific publication reviewed (Science Citation Index)

Optical and Quantum Electronics

47 (1), 2015, 99-106, 10.1007/s11082-014-9987-y

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This paper presents a full-wave electromagnetic analysis of soft-glass photonic crystal fibers developed for the generation of supercontinuum based on third-order nonlinearity. It is shown that a two-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method for guided problems provides results very similar to the measurement data of real fiber structures, enabling the reduction of costly hardware prototyping, thus, opening the way for the application of FDTD to the modeling of nonlinear optical processes.