Extending of flat normal dispersion profile in all-solid soft glass nonlinear photonic crystal fibres

Siwicki B., Kasztelanic R., Klimczak M., Cimek J., Pysz D., Stępień R. and Buczyński R.

Publication type:
Scientific publication reviewed (Science Citation Index)

Journal of Optics

18 (6), 2016, art. 065102, 10.1088/2040-8978/18/6/065102

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The bandwidth of coherent supercontinuum generated in optical fibres is strongly determined by the all-normal dispersion characteristic of the fibre. We investigate all-normal dispersion limitations in all-solid oxide-based soft glass photonic crystal fibres with various relative inclusion sizes and lattice constants. The influence of material dispersion on fibre dispersion characteristics for a selected pair of glasses is also examined. A relation between the material dispersion of the glasses and the fibre dispersion has been described. We determined the parameters which limit the maximum range of flattened all-normal dispersion profile achievable for the considered pair of heavy-metal-oxide soft glasses.