Measurement of Nanoplasmonic Field Enhancement with Ultrafast Photoemission

Rácz P., Pápa Z., Márton I., Budai J., Wróbel P., Stefaniuk T., Prietl C., Krenn J.R., and Dombi P.

Publication type:
Scientific publication reviewed (Science Citation Index)

Nano Letters

17 (2), 2017, 1181–1186, 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b04893

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Probing nanooptical near-fields is a major challenge in plasmonics. Here, we demonstrate an experimental method utilizing ultrafast photoemission from plasmonic nanostructures that is capable of probing the maximum nanoplasmonic field enhancement in any metallic surface environment. Directly measured field enhancement values for various samples are in good agreement with detailed finite-difference time-domain simulations. These results establish ultrafast plasmonic photoelectrons as versatile probes for nanoplasmonic near-fields.