Photonic Structures Laboratory/ dr hab. Rafał Kotyński

Photonic Structures Laboratory/ dr hab. Rafał Kotyński
Organization unit: IGF, ZOI
Status: available
Localisation: ul. Pasteura 5, B4.16
Manager Rafał Kotyński

In the Laboratory of Photonic Structures, we conduct research on computational imaging, i.e. on indirect image measurement methods with the use of incomplete information that may be extended to allow for computational reconstruction of the image.

The range of research encompasses:

  • multispectral imaging
  • superresolving imaging
  • making use of tailored dispersion or diffraction properties of artificial photonic structures for designing novel methods of indirect image measurements
  • making use of machine learning, the theory of compressive sensing, neural networks, linear and quadratic programming, classification methods, dimensionality reduction methods and pattern recognition methods

The Laboratory is equipped with DMD (digital micromirror device) modulators, superresolving objectives, LC phase modulation cells, cameras and semiconductor detectors, polarization optics, vis spectrometer, piezo mirror beam directing device, electronics (digital oscilloscopes, DAQs, choppers, microcontrollers etc).

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