ACTRIS Data Centre-ARES-Aerosol Remote Sensing. (2020). ACTRIS Aerosol Remote Sensing Data during the COVID-19 campaign held in May 2020 - GARRLiC products (Version 2.11) [Data set]

Pascal N., Mona L., Goloub P. et al. (a.o. Stachlewska I.S.,Szczepanik D.)

AERIS - Data and Services for the Atmosphere

2020, doi.org/10.25326/70

This dataset provides the GARRLiC micro-physical and optical retrieved properties, based on combined lidar and photometer measurements. It covers the COVID-19 campaign that was held in May 2020. Aerosol lidar data have been collected during a special measurement campaign held in May 2020 at some ACTRIS/EARLINET sites using a specific measurement schedule, processed centrally through the Single Calculus Chain (SCC) version 7 with configurations and settings established and approved by the aerosol lidar topical center. In particular preprocessed lidar signal corresponding to the aerosol optical profiles reanalysis dataset (https://doi.org/10.21336/gen.xmbc-tj86) related to this campaign are used for improving the quality of the synergistic products. Photometer data used as inputs are the AERONET/NASA Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) level 1.5 version 3 and the Almucantars (ALM) radiances version 3 products. The GARRLiC software uses internally the GRASP algorithm version 0.8.1. The generated products have the v2.11 version.