Supercontinuum generation in an all-normal dispersion large core photonic crystal fiber infiltrated with carbon tetrachloride

Hoang V.T., Kasztelanic R., Filipkowski A., Stępniewski G., Pysz D., Klimczak M., Ertman S., Long V.C., Woliński T.R., Trippenbach M, Xuan K.D., Śmietana M. and Buczyński R.

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Publikacja naukowa recenzowana (Science Citation Index)

Optical Materials Express

9(5), 2019, 2264-2278, 10.1364/OME.9.002264

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All-normal dispersion supercontinuum generation (SG) in a large hollow core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) infiltrated with carbon tetrachloride is studied experimentally. The PCF is optimized to have a flat normal dispersion in a broadband range (0.8–1.7 µm) varying from -150 to 0 ps/nm/km. The effective mode area at pump wavelength (λ=1030 nm) is as large as 42.2 µm2 and readily meets the requirements for an all-fiber supercontinuum system. Infiltration of the core with carbon tetrachloride ensures a high nonlinear coefficient of the fiber equal to 22 1/W/km. Using an off-the-shelf 1030 nm fiber laser with 400 fs and 25 nJ input pulses, we generated an all-normal supercontinuum in the 850–1250 nm wavelength range.