Linear and nonlinear properties of multicomponent glass photonic crystal fibers

Lorenc D., Bugar I., Aranyosiova M., Buczynski R., Pysz D., Velic D., Chorvat D.

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Publikacja naukowa recenzowana (Science Citation Index)

Laser Physics

18(3), 2008, 270-276, 10.1134/S1054660X08030134

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Processes resulting in supercontinuum generation in multicomponent glass photonic crystal fibers are reviewed in this paper. Multicomponent glass photonic crystal fibers are shown to have a broad transmission range, extending up to 4.5 μm in selected cases. Pumping with a 1240-nm femtosecond pulse at very low sub-nJ energies resulted in soliton formation and dispersive wave generation in a multicomponent PCF sample having a double-core square-lattice structure. These processes were described using a phase-matching model derived from the simulated dispersive properties of the fiber. Third-harmonic generation was observed in the radiation modes of a different cobweb sample with the simultaneous formation of a soliton in the NIR.