Verification of the lithospheric structure along profile Uppsala - Prague using surface wave dispersion

Novotný O, Grad M, Lund C-E, Urban L

Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica

41(1), 1997, 15-28, 10.1023/A:1023332522678

Experimental dispersion curves of Rayleigh and Love waves along the Uppsala-Prague profile have been determined using records of several Italian earthquakes. To interpret the dispersion data, results of previous geophysical investigations in this region were first analyzed. Seven blocks of the crust and upper mantle were distinguished along the profile on the basis of deep seismic sounding and other seismic data. Layered models were proposed for these blocks. Computation of Rayleigh and Love waves shows a large differentiation of theoretical dispersion curves for the northern (Precambrian) and southern (Palaeozoic) part of the profile. A laterally inhomogeneous model for theUppsala - Prague profile, composed of the seven blocks, satisfies the surface wave data for the profile. Moreover, a mean layered model for the whole profile has also been proposed.