Dispersion management in soft glass all-solid photonic crystal fibres

Buczynski, R., Pniewski, J., Pysz, D., Stepien, R., Kasztelanic, R., Kujawa, I., Filipkowski, A., Waddie, A.J., Taghizadeh, M.R.

Opto-Electronics Review

20 (3), 2012, 207–215, 10.2478/s11772-012-0033-y

The development of all-solid photonic crystal fibres for nonlinear optics is an alternative approach to air-glass solid core photonic crystal fibres. The use of soft glasses ensures a high refractive index contrast (> 0.1) and a high nonlinear coefficient of the fibres. We report on the dispersion management capabilities in all-solid photonic crystal fibres taking into account four thermally matched glasses which can be jointly processed using the stack-and-draw fibre technique. We present structures with over 450 nm broadband flat normal dispersion and ultra-flat near zero anomalous dispersion below 5 ps/nm/km over 300 nm dedicated to supercontinuum generation with 1540 nm laser sources. The development of an all-solid photonic crystal fibre made of F2 and NC21 glasses is presented. The fibre is used to demonstrate supercontinuum generation in the range of 730–870 nm (150 nm) with flatness below 5 dB.