Broadband infrared supercontinuum generation in hexagonal-lattice tellurite photonic crystal fiber with dispersion optimized for pumping near 1560 nm: reply

Klimczak, M.; Stepniewski, G.; Bookey, H.; Szolno, A.; Stepien, R.; Pysz, D.; Kar, A.; Waddie, A.; Taghizadeh, MR.; Buczynski, R.

Optics Letters

39 (8), 2014, 2241-2241, 10.1364/OL.39.002241

We respond to the comment submitted by Xian Feng on our recent Letter, Opt. Lett. 38, 4679 (2013). The comment addressed the attenuation of our oxide tellurite glass labeled TWPN/I/6. We provide the originally measured absorbance spectrum of the glass and correct values of its mid-infrared attenuation.