Efficient adaptation of complex-valued noiselet sensing matrices for compressed single-pixel imaging

Pastuszczak A., Szczygieł B., Mikołajczyk M., Kotynski R.

Applied Optics

55 (19), 2016, 5141-5148, 10.1364/AO.55.005141

Minimal mutual coherence of discrete noiselets and Haar wavelets makes this pair of bases an essential choice for the measurement and compression matrices in compressed-sensing-based single-pixel detectors. In this paper we propose an efficient way of using complex-valued and non-binary noiselet functions for object sampling in single-pixel cameras with binary spatial light modulators and incoherent illumination. The proposed method allows to determine m complex noiselet coefficients from m+1 binary sampling measurements. Further, we introduce a modification to the complex fast noiselet transform, which enables computationally-efficient real-time generation of the binary noiselet-based patterns using efficient integer calculations on bundled patterns. The proposed method is verified experimentally with a single-pixel camera system using a binary spatial light modulator.