On the rotation of teleseismic seismograms based on the receiver function technique

Wilde-Piórko M., Grycuk M., Polkowski M., Grad M.

Journal of Seismology

21 (4), 2017, 857–868, 10.1007/s10950-017-9640-x

The receiver function (RF) technique is a well-established method to investigate the crustal and upper mantle structures based on three-component seismograms of teleseismic events. In the present study, we propose a modified automatic procedure to determine the back azimuth and polarization angles of a teleseismic event based on the RF technique. The method is tested for the recording of 3 permanent and 3 temporary broadband seismic stations located in the vicinity of Poland. Additionally, the analysis of Rayleigh wave polarization is conducted to show that the new procedure is not sensitive to incorrect seismometer orientation. The synthetic modelling of RF by a modified ray-tracing method for 2.5D models beneath each seismic station down to a depth of 60 km is performed to show the effectiveness of the proposed method in the calculation of RF for a complex structure with dipping layers.