Reaction-diffusion scheme for the clock and wavefront mechanism of pattern formation

P. Dziekan, B. Nowakowski, A. Lemarchand

European Physical Journal B

87, 2014, 10.1140/epjb/e2014-50017-5

We present a model of pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems that is based on coupling between a propagating wave front and temporal oscillations. To study effects of internal fluctuations on the spatial structure development we use a chemical master equation for our reaction-diffusion model. First, a model with local, uncoupled oscillators is studied. Based on it we show that synchronization of oscillations in neighboring cells is necessary for the formation of regular patterns. We introduce synchronization through diffusion, but then, to get a stable pattern, it is necessary to add an additional species that represents the local state of the system. Numerical simulations of the master equation show that this extended model is resistant to fluctuations.