VisiSize D30 Shadowgraph system

VisiSize D30 Shadowgraph system
Laboratorium: Laboratorium Mechaniki Płynów/ prof. dr hab. Szymon P. Malinowski
Miejsce: ul. Pasteura 5, B4.11
Jednostka organizacyjna: IGF, ZFA
Status: dostępny

VisiSize D30 Shadowgraph system - an Oxford Laser manufactured instrument, originally designed to characterize sprays via shadowgraphy imaging, was applied for the first time to the Atmospheric Science by Cloud dynamics and atmospheric turbulence group at IGF-UW. The VisiSize D30 is utilized to measure the size distribution and number concentration of cloud droplets and precipitation particles. 

Photo 1: Laboratory measurements of cloud-like droplets generated by an ultrasonic droplet generator with the VisiSize D30 shadowgraph instrument at Fluid Dynamics Lab of IGF-UW (Photo: Moein Mohammadi). 

Photo 2: VisiSize D30 shadowgraph instrument mounted at Meteo-station of IGF-UW located on the rooftop of the building to measure droplets/particles during different weather events in Warsaw (Photo: Alexandra Kardas).

Photo 3: Sample shadow images of snowflakes and raindrops captured by the VisiSize D30 shadowgraph instrument deployed on the meteo-station of IGF-UW (Photo: Moein Mohammadi).

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