Biomass Burning Measurements in Earlinet

Adam M., Nicolae D., Belegante L., Stachlewska I.S., Szczepanik D., Mylonaki M., Papanikolaou C.A., Siomos N., Voudouri K.A., Apituley A., Alados-Arboledas L., Bravo-Aranda J.A, Pietruczuk A., Chaikovski A., Sicard M., Muñoz-Porcar C., Mattis I., Papagiannopoulos N., Mona L., Baars H.,Wandinger U., Bortoli D., Grigorov I., Peshev Z. and Antonescu B.

EPJ Web of Conferences

237, 2020, 10.1051/epjconf/202023705005

The biomass burning events are analyzed using the EARLINET-ACTRIS atmospheric profiling of aerosols using lidars. The period of 2008-2017 was chosen to analyze all the events assigned in the EARLINET database under Forest Fire category. A number of fourteen stations were considered. The data provided, ranged from complete data sets (backscatter, extinction and particle linear depolarization ratio) to single profiles (backscatter coefficient). A thorough quality control was performed. Smoke layers geometry was evaluated and the mean properties within each layer were computed. The Hysplit backward-trajectory technique and the FIRMS fire database were used to double check the source of each layer. Discussions were made under the following scenarios: fire events seen by two stations, long range transport from North America, and geographical clusters.