mgr Dongxiang Wang

Dongxiang Wang  
asystent naukowy, doktorant
Instytut Geofizyki
Zakład Fizyki Atmosfery
ul. Pasteura 5, pokój: B4.24
+48 22 55 32 024


(1) September 2017- currently, University of Warsaw, Poland (Ph.D.)

(2) September 2013-June 2016, Ocean University of China, China (MSc),           

(3) September 2011-June 2013, XingTai University, China (BSc),  


Prace badawczo-naukowe

(1) September 2017-currently participation in the ESA funded project: Technical Assistance for  Polish Radar and Lidar Mobile Observation System (POLIMOS).  

(2) August 2013-March 2016 performed routine atmospheric observation in Qingdao. 

(3) July 2014-September 2014 participated in the Tibet Autonomous Region the 3rd Tibetan Plateau atmospheric expedition experiment campaign. 

(4) April 2014-May 2014 participated in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Oceanography comprehensive scientific expedition.

Promotor prac doktorskich

Iwona Stachlewska


Projekty badawcze

Projekty badawczo-rozwojowe