Fatima Mirza Montoro
mgr Fatima Mirza Montoro
PhD student
Institute of Geophysics
Atmospheric Physics Department
ul. Pasteura 5, room: B4.17
+48 22 55 32 017

Degrees and titles

Master in Science and Chemical Technology. University of Granada, Spain

Master in Teacher Training in Obligatory Secondary and Upper Secondary School Education, Vocational Training and Languages. International University of La Rioja, Spain

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. University of Granada, Spain

Participation in conferences, conventions, schools, courses

F. Mirza-Montoro, M. D. Fernández Ramos, I. M. Pérez de Vargas-Sansalvador, L. F. Capitán Vallvey “CO2 printable optical sensor”, oral presentation in National Analytical Chemistry Conference “SEQA 2019”, Valladolid (Spain), 2019

I. M. Perez de Vargas-Sansalvador, M. M. Erenas, A. Martínez-Olmos, F. Mirza-Montoro, D. Diamond, L. F. Capitan-Vallvey “Freshness sensor for applications in packaged meat”, poster in National Analytical Chemistry Conference “SEQA 2019”, Valladolid (Spain), 2019

F. Mirza-Montoro, M.D. Fernández Ramos, I.M. Pérez de Vargas-Sansalvador, L.F. Capital Vallvey, "Printed optical CO2 gas sensor", poster in Regional Analytical Chemistry Conference "GRASECA 2018", Granada (Spain), 2018.

F. Mirza-Montoro, M.D. Fernández-Ramos, I.M. Pérez de Vargas-Sansalvador, L.F. Capitán-Vallvey, “NIR optical CO2 gas sensor with in-vivo applications”, poster in Regional Analytical Chemistry Conference "GRASECA 2018", Granada (Spain), 2018.

M.D. Fernández-Ramos, F. Mirza-Montoro, M.L. Aguayo-López, I.M. Perez de Vargas-Sansalvador, L.F. Capitán-Vallvey, "Influence of ionic liquids on NIR optical CO2 gas sensors", poster in XIV Conference on Optical Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, Naples (Italy), 2018


Internship in an agri-food research company “InnoPlant”, 2019, Granada (Spain)

6-month Internship in a Science Museum “Parque de las Ciencias”, 2018, Granada (Spain)

6-month Internship in the Monitoring and Control of water pollution Laboratory. Environment and Water Agency of the Andalusian Regional Government, 2018, Granada (Spain) 

Participation in experiments

Attendance to Startup Agrifood Granada Day, Granada (Spain), 2019

Participation in European Researchers’ Night 2018, with Electronic and Chemical Sensing Solutions (ECSens) research group, Granada (Spain)

Participation in European Researchers’ Night 2017, with Atmospheric Physics research group (GFAT), Granada (Spain)

Attendance to National Enviromental Conference, “CONAMA 2015", Madrid (Spain), 2015

Scholarships and scientific stays abroad

Chemical characterization of atmospheric aerosols


Seven-months stay carried out at the Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA-CEAMA), University of Granada, Spain in the Atmospheric Physics Group. 

The main goal of this stay was to participate in measurements and sampling of Atmospheric Particulate Matter by using optical instrumentation, and gravimetric techniques with high volume collectors, and atmospheric deposition collectors; source apportionment techniques (Principal Components Analysis and Positive Matrix Factorization), and analysis of severe episodes and it impact on the air quality.

The second very significant issue was the learning of laboratory techniques, applied to Atmospheric Particulate Matter: acid digestion, leaching, and elemental analysis.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the learning of the Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM).

Under the supervision of Dr. hab. Iwona S. Stachlewska (IGF-UW)

Research project

Research & Development Project

Field Experiment