Remote Sensing Laboratory

Remote Sensing Laboratory
Organization unit: IGF, ZFA
Status: available
Localisation: ul. Pasteura 5,
Manager Iwona S. Stachlewska
Serviceman Wojciech Kumala

The Remote Sensing Laboratory (RS-Lab) was created to perform remote quasi-continuous measurements of optical and microphysical properties of atmospheric aerosols and clouds. RS-Lab is equipped with several lidar systems. The stationary far-range lidar (PollyNeXT), the near-range lidar (NARLa), the mobile lidar (Raymetrics), as well as the cloud radar (BASTA) and the sun-photometer (CIMEL). The remote sensing instruments are located at the ground in close vicinity of the Faculty of Physics building (2 stationary lidars), on the measurement platform on the roof of the building (sun-photometer), and in the research-van where one of the lidars is permanently installed. At the moment, some of the RS-Lab instruments (mobile lidar and cloud radar) are temporarily installed at the PolWET station of the Poznan University of Life Sciences for the purposes of the long-term POLIMOS campaign (March-October 2018). The measurements carried out at RS-Lab are used for scientific research conducted within the EARLINET/ACTRIS, PollyNET, AERONET and PolandAOD networks. Research currently carried out as a part of RS-Lab activities is financed primarily from the POLIMOS and the SAMIRA projects of the European Space Agency. The research is carried out in close cooperation with TROPOS (Germany), LATMOS (France), INOE (Romania), and NOA (Greece).

Lidar Grup:

Olga Zawadzka, Lucja Janicka, Dominika Szczepanik, Dongxiang Wang, Patryk Poczta, Kamila Harenda, Mateusz Samson, Eleni Tetoni, Karolina Borek.


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