About the Institute

Geophysics - discipline in the field of earth sciences, which examines the Earth as a planet by scientific methods used in physics.

The subject of research in geophysics are the physical processes taking place now and in the past in the geosphere: lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere. The purpose of geophysical research is to explain the phenomena observed in Earth on the basis of concepts and terms of physics, using the laws and theories of physics. Geophysics is theoretical science, which is also an important element of observation and field experiments.

The Institute of Geophysics consists of the Departments: Atmospheric Physics, Lithosphere Physics and Optics. We are located in a modern building of the Faculty of Physics located in Ochota Campus.

The Department of Atmospheric Physics deals with the physics of clouds and precipitation, studies of atmospheric radiation properties, numerical modeling of flows (including cloud modeling), and theoretical hydrodynamics.

The Department of Physics of the Litosphere is concerned with the study of the interior of Earth and other bodies of the solar system using seismic methods, gravitational field observations, magnetic field and Earth's heat flux, numerical modeling of convection processes in the interior of the Earth, numerical modeling of processes occurring in interiors and comets, satellites and planets. .

 Research in the field of nano- and microoptics is being conducted at the Department of Information Optics, including: metallic-dielectric nanostructures, photonic crystals and fibers and metamaterials. Developed nanostructure modeling methods, new nanooptical devices, such as near-field optical microscope (SNOM) probes, are being developed.

Some history:

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