Geophysics In geology

Field: Geophysics  in geology
           First degree studies

Committee: dr hab. Leszek Czechowski
Geophysics in geology is geared towards talented young people in the sciences and natural sciences. The studios are designed in a modern way to provide graduates with solid foundations in physics, mathematics, geology, geophysics, planetology, numerical methods and information technology while at the same time allowing, Education according to student interests.

Students in Geology in Geology will have a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of physics, mathematics, geology, information technology, and numerical methods used in the sciences of Earth and other celestial bodies. In addition, they will learn the principles of measuring instruments used in geology and geophysics, will learn how to measure and interpret their results. They will also learn the methods of testing other celestial bodies.

Graduates of Geofizyka in geology will be prepared to work in the mining, geophysical and geological exploration, environmental protection, water management, scientific institutions and to undertake second degree studies.

... more information on the gwg.uw.edu.pl website and on the Faculty of Physics website.