Workshop 26 September 2013 at 18:00, Warsaw (UW, IOPAN)

 The workshop took place during the I Poland-AOD conference Impact of aerosol on climate system. It was a formal meeting of the Polish part of the iAREA project.

 Decisions made during the meeting:


1. The Arctic campaign in 2014 will take place between 15 March and 16 April in Ny-Alesund.

2. We plan 2 participants from the University of Warsaw and 2 from the IO PAS during this campaign.

3. We will run the GEM-AC model with the resolution of 1 km for the period of field measurements.

4. We will use the tethered balloon of the AWIPEV to measure vertical structure of the Arctic Haze.

5. We will try to finish the development of the prototype CRDS system at 3 wavelengths before the Spring campaign

6. All of our staff for the field campaign will be transferred by air and we skip the ship transport proposed by the AWI.


Workshop 24 April 2014 at 11:00-16:00, Sopot (UW, IOPAN)

1. Summary of spring campaign

2. Plans for summer campaign

Workshop 4 June 2014 9:00-13:00, AWI Potsdam (UW, IOPAN, AWI)

1. Discussion of primary results - spring campaign in Ny-Alesund and Longyearbyen

2. Discussion of possibility paper about Arctic haze events

Workshop 23-24 October 2014, Sopot (UW, IOPAN, ARR, AWI)

Meeting Agenda

Workshop 28-29 Jan 2015, Atmospheric Studies in the Arctic, Sopot (UW, IOPAN, AWI)

Main topics: 

- Arctic aerosol studies

- Canadian/Alaskan biomass burning event in July 2015

- Recommendations for integrated studies in Ny-Alesund for the near future

- Logistics of the joint campaigns

Workshop 9 Sep 2015, During European Aerosol Conference, Milano (UW, IOPAN, AWI)

Main topics: 

- Canadian/Alaskan biomass burning event in July 2015

- Logistics of the joint campaigns in 2016


Workshop 9 Oct 2015 during II PolandAOD conference, Sopot, Poland (UW, IOPAN)