Private SolarAOT Research Station for the studies of Radiative Transfer in Strzyzow


The SolarAOT research station was built in 2003 near a town of Strzyzow (southern Poland). The main goal of the research is to study climate processes and thus climate change. The observations of the components of energy budget at the ground level and aerosol optical properties aim at the understanding of the aerosol impact on climate in the area of south-east Poland. The station is located far from local sources of atmospheric pollution which facilitates representative studies for a wide geographic area and relate to aerosols transported from other parts of Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East.    



  • aerosol optical depth using a Multi-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer MFR-7
  • full radiative balance using pyranometers and pyrgometers
  • spectral measurements of reflective coefficient
  • total scattering coefficient and backscattering coefficient using an Aurora 4000 nephelometer
  • concentrations of particulate carbon and aerosol absorption with use of a AE-31/MAGEE Aethalometer
  • basic meteorological measurements (air temperature and humidity at 2 m and temperaturę profiles in soil and in air at 24 m, air pressure, wind speed and direction at 10, 16 and 24 m, precipitation intensity, sum of precipitation, thickness of snow coverage, detection of atmospheric discharge, gradient of electric field potential, dose of ionizing radiation)
  • cloud coverage with use of the sky camera