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NOWA PUBLIKACJA: "Raman lidar water vapor profiling over Warsaw, Poland"

16-05-2017 | Wydarzenia naukowe

Stachlewska I.S., Costa-Surósa M., Althausen D., Atmospheric Research, 2017, vol. 194, pp. 258–267



NOWA PUBLIKACJA: "Microphysical characterization of long-range transported biomass burning particles from North America at three EARLINET stations"

16-05-2017 | Wydarzenia naukowe

Ortiz-Amezcua P., Guerrero-Rascado J.L., Granados-Muñoz M.J., Benavent-Oltra J.A., Böckmann C., Samaras S., Stachlewska I.S., Janicka Ł., Baars H., Bohlmann S., and Alados-Arboledas L., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2017, vol. 17, pp. 5931-5946



NOWA PUBLIKACJA: "Broadening of Cloud Droplet Spectra through Eddy Hopping: Turbulent Adiabatic Parcel Simulations"

15-05-2017 | Wydarzenia naukowe

Grabowski W., Abade C. G., Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2017, vol. 74(5), pp. 1485-1493



NOWA PUBLIKACJA: "Lie symmetry analysis of the Lundgren–Monin–Novikov equations for multi-point probability density functions of turbulent flow"

23-03-2017 | Wydarzenia naukowe

Wacławczyk M., Grebenev V.N. and Oberlack M., Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2017,
vol. 50, 175501



NOWA PUBLIKACJA: "Geophysical and petrological modeling of the lower crust and uppermost mantle in the Variscan and Proterozoic surroundings of the Trans-European Suture"

22-03-2017 | Wydarzenia naukowe

Puziewicz J., Polkowski M., Grad M., LITHOS, 2017, vol. 276, pp. 3–14



NOWA PUBLIKACJA: "Morphochemical characteristics and mixing state of long range transported wildfire particles at Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard Islands)"

09-03-2017 | Wydarzenia naukowe

Moroni B., Cappellettia D., Crocchianti S., Becagli S., Caiazzo L., Traversi R., Udisti R., Mazzola M., Markowicz K., Atmospheric Environment, 2017, vol. 156, pp. 135–145